Change Eudora Sound

Change Eudora Sound

Post by Brian McGuga » Mon, 04 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Subject: Re:Change Eudora Sound

Quote:>Hi folks,
>       I have read about changing Eudora's rooster and snake using
>resedit. It is easy for me to remove them using resedit as I found the ID
>number. My question now is what is the ID number for the sound and how
>would I change it to my wife's voice saying I have mail. I'd like a step
>by step proceedure if possible. E-mail to either place is preferred, but
>if you think it would be of interest to this news group, then by all
>means. Thanks in advance,

O.K. I sucessfully did that and have changed both of the sounds that
Eudora makes. One is an alert when the program needs you attention and
the other is "you have mail".

Don't worry about/ change the ID numbers... Keep eudora's ID's.

Using resedit (of course make backups of the original eudora first - if
resedit crashes for some reason, the application will be lost) you:

- Open eudora
- Open "Snds" resources
- Open the first one "mail"

-then you open the sound file of your wife's voice (should be a system 7
sound as others don't seem to work) using resedit in the same manner
(snds resource - there will only be a few resouces in the sound file

- you then very carefully copy the binary information from your wifes
sound (you may have to do this in several operations as resedit only
allows so much in its clipboard)...

- you go to the mail sound (which is open) and select all (Cmd 'a') to
highlight all the binary data...

- press cmd 'v' paste. Do this even if the first paste is only part of
the binary data from your wife's voice. Then simply click back on the
"wife" binary data once and you will be at the line you left off at, copy
with surgical precision from the next line down, another chunk of data
and paste into the "eudora mail" snd in the same surgical manner, making
sure you paste exactly where you left off. Don't worry if the old sound
was smaller than 'your wife's'; resedit seems to make all the same line
numbers as long as you start in the right place.

- When you are done pasting, you then double check a few of the numbers
on both snds ('wife'/ 'eudora') to see that they are matching. If you are
satisfied, save the eudora and do the next snd or quit resedit.

Hey presto!                        

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