newbie: how to convert pine mailbox format into exmh format

newbie: how to convert pine mailbox format into exmh format

Post by Adlar Ki » Thu, 30 Aug 2001 10:41:29


I was using pine and trying to convert my old email files into the format,
which exmh can read. Is there a script that converts one huge mailbox file
into files with single message? It seems like the file names should be in
numbers 1,2,3..etc.. Thanks in advance.



1. Converting mailbox format to mh message format

Someone posted a very simple and elegant to take a mailbox file
with many messages in it and convert it to many mh message files.
I lost it and would like a copy.  I think a repost might be warranted,
since it was so small and is generally useful.  If you prefer, you
can send me mail at the one of the addresses below.

Thank you.

Bell Communications Research    UUCP:           rutgers!bellcore!tr
435 South St room 2L350         SOUNDNET:       (201) 829-4622 [work]
Morristown, NJ 07960                            (201) 287-2345 [home]

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