Best sort field for sortm

Best sort field for sortm

Post by Jym Dye » Fri, 29 Aug 2003 03:04:38

=v= Well, nothing's really reliable.  Mostly I rely on "Date:"
and for particularly egregious errors I go in and edit that
field to reflect a better guess at the date (usually from data
in the "Received:" headers).

Best sort field for sortm

Post by Joel Reiche » Fri, 29 Aug 2003 13:35:28

Quote:>     What sorting field do people find most reliable for sortm?    I don't find the Date: field to be very reliable.  There are a lot of options, I'm just wondering if there's one that is both present in all (or nearly all) emails and is reliable in terms of actual date/time the message was sent (or received).  It doesn't need to be atomic-clock accurate, my experience is rather that some date fields in messages I receive are way off (a year, a century, etc.).

The Delivery-Date field is by far my favourite for all the reasons you

inc will insert this field if nmh has been compiled with RPATHS on,
and slocal always will insert it.

In the case of inc, the timestamp is derived from the 'From ' line at
the start of every mail message in the maildrop, and that's put there
by the local mail daemon, so as long as the time is correct on that
local machine, you'll have a good timestamp there.

slocal creates its own from whatever the system says the time is.

If you're using a program like procmail to asynchronously deliver (and
filter) mail, then you could probably insert a header like that too.


        - Joel


Best sort field for sortm

Post by Jym Dye » Sat, 30 Aug 2003 13:13:05

Quote:> The Delivery-Date field is by far my favourite for all the
> reasons you give.

=v= Yes, though it reflects the time received rather than the
time sent.  Some email gets delayed along the way, so the time
received could be off by several days.  Basically, messages get
inc(lud)ed in that order, which makes sortm a no-op. :^)

=v= I think what's more important than the sort itself is the
way you view the messages.  By far the best way is something
that reflects the message thread.  This would mean basing it
on Message-ID:, In-Reply-To: (if it has a Message-ID in it),
and References:.  Gnus with nnmh does this automatically.


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