Where does it get the time from?

Where does it get the time from?

Post by Ed Powel » Fri, 21 Mar 1997 04:00:00

The subject line pretty much sums it up:  where does Internet Mail get it's
outgoing timestamp from, and more specifically, how does it handle
timezones (and where does it get that from, as well)?

--- Ed Powell


1. Email packages for DOS-UNIX and DOS-DOS

A client is looking for an email package that will work for both
DOS-UNIX and DOS-DOS (e.g., thru something like PC-NFS).  "Ideally,
a UNIX mail workalike", so they say.  

I'm sorry if this question is repeated dozens of times in the mail
newsgroups, but I haven't been following 'em.  Please don't magnify
this by following up; please *email* me any such recommendations.  
If this subject hasn't been beaten to death and there is interest, I
will post a summary.  Thanks a bunch.


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