Problems reading mail on POP mail client (Maybe a setup problem?)

Problems reading mail on POP mail client (Maybe a setup problem?)

Post by Ira Chav » Sat, 18 Dec 1993 00:45:27

        I am having problems reading mail from a POP3 mail server.

        The server is a DEC 3000/500 OSF/1 V1.3
        The client is a NT system.

        Using any of the WINSOCK POP/SMTP clients,  I am able to
        send mail and successfully logon to the POP3 mail server.
        The server reports no new mail although there is.

        The POP database is located in /usr/spool/pop/POP and
        my new mail arrives via SMTP in /usr/spool/mail/xxxxx.

        My entry in the pop database specifies the relative directory
        ../mail .   I was assuming I could read my SMTP incomming mail
        via POP.

        Does POP incomming mail show up in a different spot.  If so
        what tricks do I need to perform to have a unified mail box
        (POP/SMTP) readable or does POP mail need to be addressed
        differently than SMTP mail.

        Can anyone help?

        Ira Chavis


1. Sendmail configuration problem... possibly virtusertable, maybe mailertable, maybe generics... don't know.

Ok, so here's the deal.
I've got server A, and server B.  I've also got domain foo, and domain

Server A is known as and B as  Server A is also
the MX record for  While Server B is the webserver (and A
record) for

the servers, and user2 is a local user on Server B.

sendmail to skip the MX record, and deliver the email directly to
user2.  Unfortunately, I'm not really a sendmail person and don't
quite know how to accomplish that.

I've tried doing it in the virtusertable, mailertable, and
generics-table, all without success.
I've tried the tests suggested in the sendmail docs, but don't really
understand the results well enough to gain any useful info (except
that my tables aren't configured incorrectly enough to generate an

So before even questioning on what I may be doing wrong, does anyone
know how you are *supposed* to do something like that?

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