NM & ICS Win2k

NM & ICS Win2k

Post by Guy Barwood - Dilithium Computin » Thu, 22 Mar 2001 18:28:22

    I have the age old problem of being able to send video and audio but not
receive either.  The issue is this.  From what I read, I know only I can
start the connection, that's cool, but in reading I believe that Microsoft
ICS is meant to be compatible with Netmeeting.

I have confirmed NM works, as it is fine within my LAN.

So my question is has anyone else got NM working from behind a ICS gateway,
if so, how??


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1. WIN2K Server ICS & WIN98SE & WINME Question

Been running WIN2K with ICS, and WIN98SE clients just fine. Netmeeting was
able to receive & place calls. Good sound & video, everything was fine.

So I upgrade one of the clients to WINME. I am able to receive & place
calls, sound & video still real good. BUT!

When I attempt to pull up the directory list for the ILS server on the WINME
machine I now get error message everytime

There was a problem connecting to the directory server.

You may not be connected to the network, or the server may be busy.

I don't buy it. The WIN98SE clients get the info everytime, and can see the
entry for the WINME machine. Uninstalled NM on the ME machine with no luck.
Look at the popular NM sites no info on this issue. Nothing at MS I could

Anybody got any ideas ????

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