Current Patchlevel/Status of smail3

Current Patchlevel/Status of smail3

Post by Tim Eva » Mon, 27 May 1991 05:40:24

What is the current patchlevel and status of smail3?  Is there
a home site for picking it up via anon ftp or by other means?

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1. current version of smail3?

I'm using a version of smail that I got from uunet -- the filename
was smail3.1.19.Z.  The header that smail is putting in my mail,
though, is smail3.1.18.1.

The file smail/patchnum looks like this:


Is this really the latest version of smail, or should I look elsewhere
for the latest patches?  I don't have ftp access except to uunet.


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