pine slower than mutt on local Courier IMAP?

pine slower than mutt on local Courier IMAP?

Post by Matej Cep » Mon, 28 Jul 2003 23:41:52


I thought that one of advantages of pine (v. 4.44) over mutt
(1.3.28i) would be speed over IMAP folders. Now I have here local
courier-imap server and pine seems to be _much_ slower than mutt
over exactly the same messages? Any explanation, please?


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pine slower than mutt on local Courier IMAP?

Post by Vwake » Tue, 29 Jul 2003 07:39:34


>I thought that one of advantages of pine (v. 4.44) over mutt (1.3.28i)
>would be speed over IMAP folders.

Yes. Pine is known for it's imap functionality.

Quote:>Now I have here local courier-imap server and pine seems to be _much_
>slower than mutt over exactly the same messages? Any explanation,

No. Unless you provide facts/figures to back up your claim. Search the
archives of c.m.p and see if similiar problems have been answered

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pine slower than mutt on local Courier IMAP?

Post by Steve Huber » Wed, 30 Jul 2003 07:05:03

The man who wrote the code is not here for a few weeks but the suspicion
would be that pine is having trouble dealing with the responses from the
Courier IMAP server. Pine is probably having to download the messages to
do the search locally because of something that does not match the IMAP
standards in the response from the server.

If you enable more debugging in pine (pine -d9) we could probably see that
happening in the debug file.

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1. mutt and local Maildir++ spool that conforms to courier's "standards"


we are currently converting from an old sendmail/qpopper based setup
(which I never used, my e-mail gets forwarded to my personal box via
SMTP) to a exim/courier-imap/pop based setup wich all employees
(including me *g*) will use. At the moment, I use mutt to access my
local e-mail spool via IMAP; mutt is running on the mail server

However, I'd like to get rid of that IMAP step because I tend to get a
lot of _LARGE_ messages (for example, one of my boxes decided to send
me a 100 MB mail last night which took me two minutes to delete since
mutt read in all the message over the IMAP link before giving me the
opportunity to delete). These operations tend to be a _LOT_ faster
when mutt is directly operating on the local Maildir.

However, the layout that Courier IMAP needs for proper access to the
folders/subfolders makes a lot of mutt's features uncomfortable and/or
even unuseable. That format is described in
Basically, it requires that all folder names start with a period, and
subfolders are named with the slash replaced with a period too. Thus,
a folder that can be accessed via IMAP as INBOX/internal/servers/mail
is physically located in $MAIL/.internal.servers.mail. Additionally,
courier-IMAP requires that all folders are located directly below the
system maildrop. Thus, the system maildrop maildir would be $MAIL,
giving $MAIL/{new|tmp|cur} directly besides the folders and subfolders
in the IMAP mailbox.

When accessing a mailspool conforming to courier's rules directly with
mutt, it impossible, for example, to use the folder browser, all
folder activity is to be done by directly typing the folder name
including the leading period, only assisted by tab completion. This is
a severe loss of useablility for the mutt user. How hard would it be
for mutt to directly support path delimiters other than "/", making
the browser support folders and subfolders in a maildir++, and saving
the user from typing "c=." instead of simply "c=" to change a mailbox.
I even find the mandatory prefix of "=" to avoid mail being saved to a
path relative to the home directory annoying.

I'd like to hear comments about these issues. Thanks in advance.


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