Converting mailboxes to mbx (tenex) format

Converting mailboxes to mbx (tenex) format

Post by Chris Branno » Sun, 06 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Does anyone have a script or something that can be used to convert
existing bsd folders to mbx format?

Chris Brannon
Systems Administrator
Cisco Systems, IS-RTP


1. What is tenex, tenex mailbox format?

What exactly is tenex?
Where can I get specifications for the tenex mailbox format?

I have heard many speak of the great advantages of this format- It looks
to me to be a simple delimiter between messages in a file.  I suppose
though that compared to the very silly 'From' line method of separating
messages that -would- be a great step forward...

I am looking at implementing a more efficient mailbox format for a big
mail system I'm working on.  If I can use someone elses wheel it would be
a good thing...

-Ben Mehlman

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