Problem Winsock.dll & Pop client

Problem Winsock.dll & Pop client

Post by Olaf Menz » Thu, 18 Jul 1996 04:00:00


already since a short time I have problems with the emailprograms
Eudora &  Pegasus  together with the winsock interface of Windows 95
and Windows NT. I don't have problems receiving emails but when I try
to send a message larger than 1 page I get the error "winsock error
occured" and the connection to the SMTP-Server runs into a timeout. I
tried to make the timeout larger but I have got the same error. Maybe
the 32 bit  winsock.dll 's of windows95 & windows NT still have
problems ??

Is here anybody who has the same expierences I have & know how solve
the problem ?

Thnaks ind advance,


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While running Internet Mail for Windows 3.11, I still have the same error
message on the screen : can't load winsock.dll. By the way, I've checked
paths (and I have both c:\windows and c:\iexplore), I've checked the file
is on c:\iexplore. I made a copy of winsock.dll on c:\windows,
c:\windows\system and the root c:\, but I can't load winsock.dll.

Please, help me !!!!


you can reach me by e-mail because I have an another access at work on
Windows 95 !!!!


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