Eudora "Leave Mail On Server" Problem WAS Re: eudora and mail delete

Eudora "Leave Mail On Server" Problem WAS Re: eudora and mail delete

Post by Robert Ha » Wed, 18 Jan 1995 21:43:48

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: >[ Article crossposted from alt.winsock ]
: >[ Author was Dan Kraemer ]
: >[ Posted on 14 Jan 1995 01:31:44 GMT ]
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: >I have the same problem.  If I check "Leave Mail On Server", it does
: >that.. It leaves the mail on the server, but say I have one piece of
: >e-mail and Eudora checks for new mail every 5 minutes.   With this
: >setting, Eudora "finds" that same message EVERY five minutes.
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: >Basically, I'm asking is anyone who's using the shareware version of
: >Eudora able to leave their mail on their Unix account, and have Eudora
: >read your mail into your computer only once?
: >
: Well it works fine for me, and I know others as well that have one
: Eudora at home with "Leave mail on server" checked and one at work
: with it unchecked. At home it sees "3 new, skipping 5 old" and at
: work it reads in all mails thereby deleting them on the server.
: It isn't recommended to automatically check for new mail more often
: than once every 15th minute, plus it's not, at least not at our
: mailserver, considered nice to only have one account and have
: that one leave the mail on the server. Fills upp pretty quickly.

Well, I have tried "leave mail on server" (in the PD edition) and all
that happens is I get no mail transferred. What version of Eudora
CORRECTLY gets new mail down to the client, marking it as read on the


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I don't know if I missed this in the manual or anything, but it would
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