local domain based messages not subject to AUTH when targeting other local addresses

local domain based messages not subject to AUTH when targeting other local addresses

Post by Ju J » Mon, 27 May 2002 15:27:11


If ABC.COM is my SendMail domain, can somebody please consider the following
examples to help me understand why I'm having this fairly simple
inconsistency in behaviour?


is subject to SASL AUTH due to nothing being specified in relay-domains and
access.db. All works just as configured.


is NOT subject to any SASL AUTH and is delivered locally to abc.com without
ANY checks whatsoever.

I want ALL messages with a source address based on ABC.COM to be subject to
SASL AUTH at ALL times even if the target is ABC.COM as well. Otherwise,
given there is no restriction on who connects to my SMTP as specified in my
access.db (as per my configuration), somebody could simply spam all my users
as much as they like from any existing or made-up local ABS.COM address as
there is no AUTH required.

Furthermore as mentioned there at the end, where the user can use <made-up

username even when message is subject to AUTH. Although I'm aware that the
bogus name wouldn't match their AUTH login details, users really should be
prevented from doing this anyway.

I would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.


1. mail going to local accounts on some domains and not others.

I have approx 9 domains hosted on a RH 6.2 server and I'm having e-mail
weirdness with the forms.  I had configured it with linuxconf and I read on the
sendmail site that linuxconf screws up the configs.  So I removed the package,
downloaded the current 8.11 set and installed.

Here's the problem.

If I mail to my home isp, it works fine.  If I mail to any of my hosted sites,
it doesn't.  My hosted sites receive mail at another server and the MX records
indicate such.  I can mail to them just fine from anywhere except the RH 6.2
box.  It attempts to send it to a local user account, and if it doesn't exist it
generates an error.

I have cleaned out all of the old send mail files I can find, and as far as I
know sendmail has no way of knowing that these domains are hosted locally.  I
don't even have them in /etc/hosts.  Yet if I try and send mail to someone at
any of them, instead of going out over the net to their actual mail server it
tries to deliver it locally.

Any ideas?



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