HP6250cse-defective software re ADF/OCR capabilities?

HP6250cse-defective software re ADF/OCR capabilities?

Post by Lynda- » Tue, 17 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I believe the HP6250cse PrecisionScan Pro Version 1.0 software is
defective with respect to OCR'ing documents using the document feeder.
The scanner itself does not appear to be defective, but its accompanying
PrecisionScanPro software causes all my OCR software programs trying to
use the ADF to crash, making the scanner unusable for my purposes.

If you just use the Precision Pro software to scan photos--it works, but
it constantly crashes in third-party OCR applications.  It crashed when
using OmniPage Pro 9.0 (rarely), TextBridgePro 98 (almost every time),
TypeReader 4.0 (most times), and Presto 3.0 (most times).  It even
occasionally crashed using its own OmniPage Lite (built-in) OCR program.

I have a Dell 400 mgz computer w/256 meg of memory, and am running
Windows 98.

Below is my tale of woe.  If anyone has managed to work through these
problems, and have TextBridge Pro (which I prefer over all the other OCR
programs) working without crashes using the 6250 ADF/ PrecisionScanPro
1.0 software, I would really like to hear from you.

I first tried installing the HP6250cse w/ADF as a USB scanner.  I had
already read this newgroup and the HP Community newsgroup, so I knew NOT
to let it install the Adobe ATM program.  However, the scanner not only
crashed OCR programs, but it also crashed when testing the scanner
through Control Panel/Scanners/Hp6250 Properties.  It never said that
the scanner or document feeder were working in that "diagnostic"
window.  I called tech support, spent about 45 minutes on the phone with
them, and got no help.  I visited this HP Community newsgroup, where I
saw that others were having problems with crashes, but no one mentioned
my particular problem re OCRing.

I then decided that USB technology might be too new, and that all the
bugs weren't worked out, or that something was wrong with the USB setup
on my machine.

Next step, I tried installing the scanner to my SCSI port.
Incidentally, know that SCCI port works fine, because I had a Microtek
X6EL scanner hooked up to it which worked perfectly.  I had been using
the Microtek scanner for several months without any problems or
crashes.  (Of course, before I tried installing the HP, I had
uninstalled all Microtek software).  The only reason I bought this
HP6250 was because of its 25 page sheet feeder--Microtek's sheet feeder
(at least the ADF600 one) is an inferior product.  The Microtek scanner
itself (and all software shipped with it) is wonderful, and

Anyway, to set up the HP6250 scanner as a SCSI scanner, I bought a 25 to
50 pin SCSI cable, then tried hooking up my HP scanner.  It wouldn't
recognize SCSI.  I read the newsgroup and learned that once the
PrecisionScan Pro software chose either USB or SCSI, the software
wouldn't recognize another type connection. Therefore, I again (for
about the 5th time) uninstalled the HP software.  I then manually
deleted every mention of HP out of the registy, c:\windows\system
directory, and any other stray place I could find.  Reinstalled HP
Precision Scan pro software.  Still wouldn't recognize the SCSI. Then I
took the step I least wanted to--I reformatted my 6 gig hard drive,
reinstalled Windows 98, then reinstalled HP Precision Scan software.  At
this point, it did indeed recognize the SCSI connection.  The Control
Panel/scanners diagnostic window would even tell me that the scanner was
working right, and the ADF was working correctly--that is, it would tell
me that the very FIRST time I tried to use the diagnostics.  When I
would try to exit the diagnostics, it would give me a RUNDLL error.
When I would click details, it would say that there was a problem with
the ICMUI.dll file.  I checked that file, and saw that it was an
original Win98 file.  Before I tried restoring that file, I simply
totally exited from the system, came back, tried diagnostics again, and
this time, it would tell me that scanner test failed/ADF test failed. I
then restored a * copy of the ICMUI.DLL file from the Win98
CD-ROM.  Then I tried to check diagnotics again. It told me that the
scanner test failed/ADF test failed.  I decided to ignore that, and try
to simply run PrecisionScan software.  It worked, if I simply used
PrecisionScan to scan photos or OCR.  But, when I installed OmniPage
Pro, and tried to use it, it crashed, same as before.  I then tried
reinstalling TextBridge Pro, it crashed that.  Then, I decided that
maybe those OCR programs were writing over something in the HP software,
so I uninstalled HP software, and reinstalled it.  Again, it would work
in the PrecisionPro window, but would crash both OmniPage and TextBridge
OCR programs.  I was getting the same error codes as when I tried the
USB hookup. The errors were invalid page fault at 0177:00042f0cd and
kernel32 fault at 0177:bff9d709.  I again called tech support, asking if
there was an update to the software.  He told me that the version I had,
Precision Scan 1.0, was absolutely the current version.  I then asked
him about a couple of patches I saw on their web pages (SJ395en.exe(to
fix OCR problems), and SJ396EN.exe (to fix "ADF component of HP's
PrecisionScan software.")  He said "oh yeah, you can download the
SJ395en.file."  He was vague about the other file (he had to look it
up--he said that he didn't think it applied to Precision Scan
Pro--because it only said Precision Scan on the web page--and there is a
difference between the two.  Since he didn't know for sure, and I didn't
have any more time to hang on the NON-toll free phone, I first justs
tried installing the patch he knew about--the OCR fix.  Didn't change
anything.  Same crashes.  Then I tried installing the ADF fix, hoping
that it did indeed apply to my scanner (the web page said it applied to
6250CSE scanners, which of course is what I have--but it didn't
reference PrecisionScanPro, just said PrecisionScan).  That didn't
change anything.  Same crashes.  I then tried a different order of
installation.  Uninstalled HP/reinstalled it, applied the ADF patch
first/then applied the OCR patch.  Same crashes.

I am not some newbie uneducated about software problems.  I have
installed tape drives, CD-ROM drives, modems, another scanner (the
Microtek I mentioned above), graphic cards, etc.  Never have I failed to
eventually get the products working.  On this HP product, I have spent
about 36 hours uninstalling, reinstalling, reformating, etc. and never
have gotten this scanner to work properly when using the ADF and
third-party OCR programs.

I apologize for this LONG post, but I wanted everyone to be aware of all
of the steps, so that maybe someone would have a solution.  Again, I
need to hear from someone using the ADF to OCR--I think that is where
the problem lies.

 " I'd rather be roping !!! "


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