Problems to expect when switching Microtek V310 to Win '98?

Problems to expect when switching Microtek V310 to Win '98?

Post by Brendan R. Wehru » Fri, 29 Sep 2000 04:00:00

I expect to buy a just-discontinued HP computer next week that runs Win
'98 SE. (I won't have to worry about Me, thank goodness!)

Currently my Microtek V310 is attached to an older HP running Win'95
(passthrough to Lexmark 5700, both working fine now) and I have had no
trouble with the combination.  My plan is to drop the new computer in
place, load ScanWizaerd from the CD Microtek supplied and go about my

Is there anything I should know about a V310 and Win '98?

Eventually I expect to replace it with a V6 (probably USB model), since
this seems to be a better scanner, and return the 310 to my old computer,
which will run what Win '95-only software I don't plan to update, making
it my back-up.

I'm hoping this will be painless.



1. Microtek V310/Win 98 freeze during scanning


I have a Win 98 system with 32Mb RAM. I can scan OK (standard size
photographs) up to resolutions of about 140dpi. If I try to  scan over
that the scanner beam will get about an inch down the photo and vibrate
back and forth and the system freezes and the only way to get out of it is
to turn the scanner off and back on. Closing all other programmes makes
(leaving only the volume control in the system tray) makes no difference.
I'm using version 2.5.1 of Scanmaker.

Do I need more RAM?

Is this a Port problem (my mouse also freezes for a few seconds when the
modem starts to dial out and at the beginning of disconnecting - not sure
if this is normal!). There are no conflicts showing in the Device listing,
and Resource Monitor sits between 65 and 85%.

Please help! I'd also appreciate replies e-mailed to me at

posts on its server for long.

Thanks, Gary

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