Nikon Coolscan IV multi pass with Vuescan better or worse than Nikon Dig Ice & Dig Gem 1 pass alone ?

Nikon Coolscan IV multi pass with Vuescan better or worse than Nikon Dig Ice & Dig Gem 1 pass alone ?

Post by Brad Renfr » Mon, 06 Jan 2003 21:00:54

The Nikon coolscan IV does not do multi sampling and provides no
software utility to do multi PASS scanning. Vuescan does provide
multiPASS scanning and which approximates multi sampling, including
increasing the net functional bit rate of the sampling.

Does the Nikon 3.x Digital GEM accomplish an equivalence or
replacement of the value of Vuescan multi PASS scanning ?

If one did the original scanning with the Nikon 3.x Digital ICE and
Digital GEM, one could only do 1 pass, to the best of my knowledge.
(one RGB pass, after the IR pass was completed)

Unless one could save that raw file and open it from the disk, in
Vuescan, in some kind of multi pass scanning from disk, which sounds
silly, - would one be non-utilizing the excellent Vuescan capacity to
multi PASS that Vuescan provides, if one used the presumably (but
possibly not) better Nikon 3.x Digital ICE scan and then the Digital
GEM scan ?

Nikon has either crippled the multiscan capability in the Coolscan IV
(as they did years ago in crippling their 12 bit down to 10 bit
scanners, with the identical hardware) or the capacity for multiscan
with the coolscan IV was never there. My impression was that the
multiPASS capability of Vuescan would turn a 10 bit scanner into, in
effect, a 12 bit scanner. And presumably a 12 bit into something
better. Thus more than just noise management with multiPASS. And
Vuescan is such an excellent program and a joy to deal with.

If Vuescan's dust IR cleaning is as good as Digital ICE, then one
could multi PASS in Vuescan AND use the Vuescan IR cleaning all in one
This would be the ideal for generating quality scans.

However the going consideration seems to be that the Nikon 3.x Digital
ICE is better than Vuescan for dust cleaning. Perhaps a false opinion

Vuescan with a possibly (although in no way verified by me) poorer
dust removal function or Nikon 3.x Digital ICE and Digital GEM in one
(rgb) scan and without the benefits of Vuescan's multi PASS
capability..'Seems like a Delphic puzzle here

Responses welcomed.

Brad Renfro