Microtek parallel scanners and Win 98

Microtek parallel scanners and Win 98

Post by David Behren » Fri, 24 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Here's the best workaround I've found to far to make my V300 work in Win 98:
Install Scanwizard v2.47 if it's not done already, then boot the computer
with the scanner switched OFF.
Under Win 98, turn on the scanner, wait until the green light steadies and
then run the Dynascan tool which the Scanwizard will have installed. This
takes 10-15 secs and installs the scanner into the Windows device list.
That's it - the scanner should then work. I can't guarantee it's a foolproof
solution, though.

Hope this helps. If anyone has any more permanent solutions, please



1. Microtek parallel scanner and Win 98

I had another go at re-installing my Microtek V300 parallel scanner using
Scanwizard 2.47 under Win98 and it worked perfectly UNTIL I rebooted. Then
it froze as before and the system failed to recognise it.
It worked fine in Win95.
Can anyone suggest something in the Win 98 boot process that's causing the
parallel port to malfunction?


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