Need Film Scanner for Odd Film Sizes

Need Film Scanner for Odd Film Sizes

Post by REMOVE CA » Mon, 04 May 1998 04:00:00

        I have some images on slides and negatives that I want to scan
into high-resolution JPEG files.  Most of them are 35mm slides and
negatives, so finding a scanner for those won't be a problem.
        However, I also have some of the following "Instamatic"
(double-scroll cartridge) types:

                "126" negatives
                "126" slides
                "110" negatives

Anyone know of a film scanner that can fit all these sizes.  (Film
scanners, not flatbed document scanners with transparency adapters.)
It must be able to scan at least 2400 dpi.

Jon Williams


Need Film Scanner for Odd Film Sizes

Post by REMOVE CA » Thu, 07 May 1998 04:00:00

On 3 May 98 15:53:30 -0400, "John Yates"

>You might want to try mounting your originals in glass slide mounts &
>then scan as usual in a 35mm filn scanner.

        I'm not familiar with glass slide mounts.  Sounds like tedious
work with risk of gouging images with scissors.

        I would prefer a method that leaves the negative strips

        I hope someone from Hewlett-Packard is reading this, and
considers making a new version of the PhotoSmart with this odd-size
capability.  From what I've read so far about the PhotoSmart's
mechanism, it would take only slight design changes to get it to
accept odd sizes.  It's scan area would need an extra two millimeters
width for the 126 film, and the separation between the * wheels
would need to be adjustable for the 110 negatives.
        I like the PhotoSmart, but I'd like it even more if it could
scan these sizes.


Need Film Scanner for Odd Film Sizes

Post by Mitchell Leb » Thu, 14 May 1998 04:00:00

While we are on the subject, does anyone know of a scanner with a Minox
slide adapter? CC appreciated.

: Anyone know of a film scanner that can fit all these sizes.  (Film



1. Scanning Odd Film Sizes - HP S20?

I'm interested in a film scanner that can do odd film sizes: 127, 110,
panoramic 35,  half-frame 35, etc., as well as regular 35mm negs and
slides.  The ability to do MF, and sheet film up to 4x5 would be a
huge plus.

Yeah, you could use a flatbed, but that definitely seems suboptimal
with small negs.  $4k 4x5 scanners are out of the question

So the HP S20 caught my eye.  It claims to do 35mm negs and slides,
and prints up to 5x7, and, if I'm reading the reviews correctly
(possibly not), it does all this without neg carriers.  Does this mean
that the S20 could do -any- film size up to 5x7?

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