U-Max Astra 1220P

U-Max Astra 1220P

Post by Caro » Thu, 07 Oct 1999 04:00:00

I believe I read on this group about the upgrade to the above.
I went into the U-Max site and asked them if I could d/l the 3.5
3 days now and no response (g) and calling them is out of the question
I have Vista Scan 3.1 with Adobe PhotoDeluxe 2 and other stuff that came
with the scanner

Does anyone know if I can use this upgrade, and if so after d/l it
will it just over right the one I have & if not how can I install it....

Any and all help appreciated
You can e-mail me along posting here
P.S. FWIW bought Wayne's book and just started reading it, as I am new
to all of this scanning stuff


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Hi All:
I had a major crash on my system and had to reinstall everything, what I
need to know ( and I had done this before, but don't remember how)
How do you shut the lamp off  at so many minutes if not in use?
Using Vista Scan 3.1 (posted to alt.periphs.scanner also)

Thanks for any help



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