Visioneer Paperport 6100 having trouble

Visioneer Paperport 6100 having trouble

Post by Precious... » Wed, 03 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I am running a Gateway that I purchased with a Visioneer scanner.
Every three months or so I have to have visioneer replace the scanner for
reason or another.
One techie said they are having major problems with this scanner model
the supervisor says they are not.
This time, the scanner has a dark purple line down the off center right of
the preview and scan itself.
I have tried everything.. freeing up drive space, reinstalling windows,
nothing works.
My problem is not them replacing this's the fact that my warranty
is up the end of the year..and they may not replace it after that but won't
give me a better model.

Help ;)



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Anyone out there who can help?

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