Epson Expression 636, ScanII and Windows XP?

Epson Expression 636, ScanII and Windows XP?

Post by Bob Jon » Wed, 30 Apr 2003 03:07:44

Hi all,

I have had an Epson Expression 636 SCSI scanner for a while now and
it's worked through Windows 98, Windows NT and Windows 2000.  All
using the Epson Twain and Scan! II interface.  Recently I moved to
Windows XP and have just installed the Epson Windows 2000 software.
According to Epson, they don't have XP specific drivers for this
scanner and to use the Windows 2000 version.

The Twain drivers install ok and the ScanII software seems to install
(it shows up in its directory with items in the Start menu...) but
when I actually try to use the scanner, I don't get the ScanII
interface.  Instead I get the Windows XP scanner wizard.

The scanner works and produces output but the Windows XP wizard does
not have the flexibility and functionality of the ScanII software.  I
can't select the maximum resolution of the scanner, I can't use any
auto correcting button, I can't change gamma and contrast, color, etc.
 I can't zoom in on the area I have selected and I can not select the
transparency adapter for scanning negatives and viewgraphs.

This limitation essentially makes the scanner worthless in XP.

Has anyone else had this problem with similar scanners or have you had
ScanII work properly from the get go?  If not, how did you solve the
problem (without buying third party software or buying a new scanner,
of course!)

The ScanII software never was the best but it did work and at least
matched the capabilities of the scanner.  Without it, I can't use my
transparency adapter and that was definitely an expensive add on to
the already expensive scanner!

Any help would be appreciated.




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I have seen the scan from a recent PC Magazine of the Expression
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Also, I noticed some other differences between the two, such the
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Another question is, at $270 (street) for the Perfection 636 and $610
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- Daron

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