Can't get UMAX supplied SCSI card to work with SB AWE 32 under NT

Can't get UMAX supplied SCSI card to work with SB AWE 32 under NT

Post by Michael K. Johns » Sat, 14 Jun 1997 04:00:00

>The CD-R ended up on my Apaptec 2940 SCS adapter.  It won't work with
>another peripheral attached as it already has 5 devices on it now and
>locks up my system to add the scanner.

This is probably because the Adaptec 2940 series has notoriously bad
A/D conversion, and so they are incredibly sensitive to less-than-perfect
termination and to less-than-perfect cables.  Setups that work with most
other adapters will fail with Adaptecs on a regular basis.  I'm told
that this is true for the aic7xxx controler series (on which the 2940,
3940, and so on are based) and the C and later revisions of the venerable
1542 part, and possible for other recent Adaptec controllers.  The A/D
conversion comments are hearsay, but from quite a few unrelated sources,
and substantiated by my experiences trying to deal with them in various

For my part, all my SCSI troubles ended when I switched to BusLogic
controllers.  I have a MultiMaster card, but I understand that the
FlashPoint cards work just as well.  I'm in no way affiliated with
BusLogic -- I'm just a very happy customer.

For what it's worth...


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1. Conflict between SCSI adapters and SB AWE 32

I attempted to install a UMAX Astra 600S scanner with a
UMAX UDS-IS11 SCSI adapter in my computer which runs under NT 4.0.

The driver doesn't load because of a conflict with
my sound card, a Sound Blaster AWE 32.  The IO Port Address used by the
UDS-IS11 is 0340H.  The SB card documentation does say that 0340H IO
Port Address is used by the Mitsumi CD-ROM interface but can be changed
to 0310H, 0320H or 0350H by changing jumpers on the card.  However when
the jumpers are changed the conflict does not go away.

This also happened with an Adaptec 1502I SCSi adapter I got with a CD-R
drive.  The NT driver for this, the sparrow driver, also was hardcoded
to an IO Port Address of 0340H and an IRQ of 11.  I could work around
the IRQ but not the IO Port Address setting.  After trying every jumper
option I could think of and getting no support from the CD-R
manufacturer, I gave up and attached the CD-R to my existing Adaptec
2940 adapter.  This has been working OK for me.

This solution is not open to me for the UMAX as I have three internal
SCSI devices and two external SCSI devices attached to it.  When I
add the UMAX scanner my computer locks up attempting to boot. With the
scanner and the two existing peripherals it locks up in the BIOS setup
for the Adaptec 2940 adapter.  With the scanner and one other external
peripheral it goes on until I get an error message saying it can't find
my boot hard drive.  Too much noise on the SCSi chain I presume.
Reading other Usenet traffic, I assume I could reduce the
noise by getting better cables and active terminators but it isn't worth
the hassle so I will return the scanner.

Just wondering, anyone else run into similar problems.

Alan Bealby  219-1965 Durnin Road, Kelowna, B.C

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