Horizontal streaks in Logitech PageScan Color scan

Horizontal streaks in Logitech PageScan Color scan

Post by tow.. » Mon, 03 Jan 2000 04:00:00

I have a Logitech PageScan Color Parallel scanner hooked to a Windows 95
(SR2) machine.  This scanner has been working just great up until I last
used it a few weeks ago.

Yesterday, in preparation for Y2K, I upgraded my Windows 95 using
Microsoft's suggested Y2K update, also updated IE to version 4.01 SP2.

Now, today when I try to use the scanner I get horrible horizontal
streaks across the scan.  Colors in the streaks appear to be random
colors.  Even the "correct" horizontal lines appear to vary in shade and
darkness across the picture.

I've tried completely removing and reinstalling the scanner software.
No change.  Recalibrated.  No change.  Tried different scanner chip
settings.  No change.  Logitech doesn't appear to have a great deal of
info at their site, and none on this problem.

Does anyone have an idea as to what might have suddenly gone wrong, or
where the problem might be?


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