Question re SCSI Card & Scanner Interface Card

Question re SCSI Card & Scanner Interface Card

Post by Anonymous Writ » Sun, 24 May 1998 04:00:00

I have an inexpensive SCSI scanner (LeoScan  made by FIC) which came
with its own interface card which works fine.  Since I already have
several SCSI devices attached to my Advansys card, I thought it would
be no problem to add this one (5 total not including controller).  I
cannot get any software to recognize the scanner.  Does the fact that
it is a twain compliant scanner matter?  I did install the twain
drivers which came with the scanner.  Are there others?  I have tried
both Textbridge and Photo Shop with no luck. The scanner is recognized
on the bus as I can see it in the device manager as working properly.
Any help would be appreciated.  Since the scanner does work with the
proprietary card, this is for my info so I may be more knowledgeable
in the future.  Thanks for listening and any help you may offer.



1. That el cheapo scsi card that comes with UMAX scanners is really a Domex 3181e card!!!!

UMAX tries to fool us and say this card will only work with their channers,
but really it's just an OEM'ed Domex 3181e card...

Take a look at and
you'll see this is the same card that came with your umax scanner...

The driver to allow you to use this card as a normal ISA scsi controller
(external devices only, obviously) in DOS, Win9x, and NT is available at ...

Thanks to El Franco for clearing this up... this should solve the SCSI +
Win98 problems that many people are having.

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