84bit raw on Nikon 4000ED: VueScan raw vs Silverfast 48bit HDR raw vs Nikon NEF raw

84bit raw on Nikon 4000ED: VueScan raw vs Silverfast 48bit HDR raw vs Nikon NEF raw

Post by Caleb Cla » Tue, 15 Apr 2003 13:45:12

For negative scans/archives, could/would anyone please describe the
basic differences (if any) between the 48bit raw scan data obtained
from a Nikon 4000 ED using the following three software choices:

1) VueScan 48bit raw
2) SilverFast 48bit HDR (raw) output
3) 48bit NEF raw (Nikon's own raw format)

For the Nikon 4000 ED, would one or another choice be better/worse for
archive and post scan processing?




1. 48bit raw scan of 5,000 negatives: Silverfast vs Vuescan on Nikon 4000ED

I need to scan and archive 5000 negatives on a Nikon 4000 ED.  I want
to do RAW UNPROCESSED scans and do all processing post scan.  I have
fully investigated Silverfast and think it might be well suited.  I
have heard of users who prefer VueScan, and some posts stating the raw
scan is more accurate in Vuescan.  I would ideally like to do batch
scans using Nikon's 48bit raw format NEF, but I don't believe SF or
other programs can work with it (especially in a batch mode post
scan).  However I was told be SF USA sales dept. that their DCPro
product (like HDR) will support 48bit NEF.

What is the current thinking on SF vs. Vuescan for 48bit raw negative
scans in batch mode with Nikon scanners?



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