Microtek 600Z & Win '98

Microtek 600Z & Win '98

Post by dchap.. » Tue, 05 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I had my Microtek 600Z working under Win '95 but have been unable to
to do under Win '98.  Anybody had any luck doing so, and if so,
please, what's the trick?

     Dave Chapman


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For a new  product I am considering,  I would have to change over
from Windows '95 to Windows '98. I remember seeing some FS'98 problems
allegedly related to Windows '98 when it (Win '98) was first released.

I would like to install Windows '98 without trashing my existing FS'98
program of course.  Have the FS' 98/Win '98 problems been resolved,
or can I expect a sack full of FS'98 problems?

Computer is Pentium 233.

Thanks for any inputs.


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