HP 4500C - tech information (TMA port hack?)

HP 4500C - tech information (TMA port hack?)

Post by andy harpe » Sat, 29 Mar 2003 04:05:53

Any techies out there?  I've just got an HP 4500C which is an excellent bit
of kit, but want to use it
with a full size light box.  I can't see anything in the existing HP
software to allow this and assume that it autodetects the presence of the
transparent materials adapter when plugged in.  The manual says that for
anything bigger than the standard TMA add-on the slides or negs should be
scanned against a white sheet, using the internal light ,but this distorts
the colour values and contrast (the latter especially on B&W as the silver
in the emulsion reflects light) and any dust or watermarks show up
strongly.HP support couldn't help, suggesting that I write to Palo Alto.
Circuit diagrams and pin-outs are not apparently available
Can anyone out there suggest a method - software fix or perhaps a dummy TMA
plug configuration - that will allow me to scan without the internal lamp

Any help would be appreciated.

Andy Harper


1. Thrid party driver for HP ScanJet 4500c ( improvement sought on idiot level software !? )

I have bought this scanner on a whim without doing the
research on it first. It is a nice piece of hardware and for
the price I can't complain, but the HP photo and Imaging
software (Director) really stinks.

1) The software treats you like a child, you cannot choose
for example [300 dpi / 24 bit / Colour to TIF] and click
scan, or [600 dpi / 1bit / B&W to PDF] and click Scan etc.,
but you have to follow the cafeteria style menus provided
that guides you through a whole bunch of choices that are
designed with the novice user in mind who would not be able
to cope with any questions more complex than say: "scan
picture in colour at medium quality"

2) The hardware scan buttons on this scanner are next to
useless. I was not able to find a combination that scans
several pages as a tif to file at a preset 1 bit 300 dpi B&W
and prompts for a file name.

3) Programs that bypass the HP director software are more
useful but the twain driver does not allow for the
adjustment of brighness, rendering this approach almost

Is there any other HP or third party (twain or isis)
software for the 4500c that does a better job? I have
checked at www.scannerdrivers.com hoping to find an ISIS
driver but no luck.

Thanks for any help on this. I am surley not the only one
out there who sets somewhat higher standards in software
design than that idiot-proof stuff supplied by HP. Too bad,
because I am quite happy with the HP printers that I have
purchased over the years.

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