Packard Bell Scanner Annoyance - Advice Needed

Packard Bell Scanner Annoyance - Advice Needed

Post by Mr Zap » Sun, 14 Apr 2002 21:05:54

Hi, can anyone help?

I have a Packard Bell USB Scanner, it installs ok with the driver
came with it.

I also use Start Up Cop to disable, reactivate programs so my start
up tray does not get cluttered.

With every other program, I can disable it and then switch it back on
ok.  With my Scanner, for some reason, when I disable it temporarily
with start up cop, it permanently breaks the link with the scanner
and I have to re-install the driver.

This is in 98.  I don't want the scanner taking up space on start up,
I only want to reactivate it when I need it.  is this sort of problem
normal for a scanner or is it a problem with my model of scanner?

Any help would be much apreaciated :)


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scanner. It's been about three months since I got it, and I even
replaced it, and the sucker won't scan. I have it plugged into the
printer port, in between the computer and my Deskjet 660C like the setup
guide asks.

When I try to scan, it reports that the scanner is not detected. I've
got it hooked up right I think, and the power light is on.

The weirdest thing is is that I can still print fine!

Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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