Nikon LS: 'compensated' ICM

Nikon LS: 'compensated' ICM

Post by shAf » Sun, 24 Sep 2000 04:00:00

     Does any one know what the differences are
when Nikonscan CMS gives you the choice between
"Adobe Wide RGB" and "Adobe Wide RGB (compensated)"??
I have measured the differences in RGB values, but I
was wondering what is the logic behind "compensation"(?)

shAf  :o)

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1. ** Nikon's LS-30 LS-2000 don't cover full 24x36 frame! **

** Nikon's LS-30 LS-2000 don't cover full 24x36 frame! **

The real scanning area for both Nikon's LS-30 (Coolscan
III) and LS-2000 Supercool scanners is 23.3mm x 34.7mm,
as stated in Nikon's Japan site, and just confirmed by
VueScan author Ed Hamrick.

If you don't grab everything that's on the film
you can't say you have a digital version of the

It's unbelievable Nikon does this. It can't be
just the size of the hole in the strip adapter.
*It must be the optics are good only for 23.3mm*.

It's not suprising you don't see this "effective
scanning area" spec nowhere else, and you do see
the misleading "scanning area" spec of 24.3x36.5.

This saved me from buying a crippled scanner,
otherwise very good thanks to a great extend to
Ed's VueScan.

I hope this can help you all too, and that you
will do whatever you can to let others, and
Nikon!, know about it.


Rick Trelles

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