Microtek 4800-crash when saving in tiff?

Microtek 4800-crash when saving in tiff?

Post by news.bellatlantic.ne » Mon, 08 Apr 2002 12:15:57

Opps, forgot this other question.  I read that some have had troulbe saving
in tiff, anyone know anything about this?

1. Microtek ScanMaker 4800 question


I have had nothing but problems with my Microtek Scanmaker 4800.

Current problem: On previews, it scans then seems to get stuck about 80%
thru and squeals until it times out. It may or may not reset when previewing
again or scanning.

Tried latest software which >seemed< to make it worse, went back to old
software which >seemed< to make it better, but now it's about the same as my
initial complaint.

I don't know if it's hardware or software. I have removed and reinstalled
and also shut down all virus checking, firewall, everything else unnecessary
before opening scanner software.



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