Image 'chatter' on Nikon 4000ED

Image 'chatter' on Nikon 4000ED

Post by John Griffi » Sun, 10 Feb 2002 07:38:08

Just noticed a strange kind of image degradation when scanning at 4000dpi on
my 4000ED with Nikon scan 3.1.2. Its a slight displacement across the image
of the pixels and it shows up most on highlights which are given a 'fringe'
of pixels in one direction. It doesn't happen at lower resolutions and it's
much less on vuescan 7.5  - however this is so unstable at the moment I cant
repeat my test. Anyone else had this? - hardware or software?
I've just about run out of patience with the 3.1.2 release on Mac 9.x -
crashes photoshop 6 as regular as you like and now this!




1. 84bit raw on Nikon 4000ED: VueScan raw vs Silverfast 48bit HDR raw vs Nikon NEF raw

For negative scans/archives, could/would anyone please describe the
basic differences (if any) between the 48bit raw scan data obtained
from a Nikon 4000 ED using the following three software choices:

1) VueScan 48bit raw
2) SilverFast 48bit HDR (raw) output
3) 48bit NEF raw (Nikon's own raw format)

For the Nikon 4000 ED, would one or another choice be better/worse for
archive and post scan processing?



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