VueScan FS4000 IR Clean samples (webpage links)

VueScan FS4000 IR Clean samples (webpage links)

Post by wall » Wed, 14 May 2003 03:02:59

This is about as good as VueScan gets on the FS 4000 IR clean:

Without IR Clean shows how bad this slide is:

7.6.33 ANd all 7.6.x seemed a step backward in IR Clean:

"Current" 7.6.38 is almost as good as 7.5.62 and FilmGet:

But this is why I can't really use 7.5.62 -- it sometimes mispositions the
crop which leads to poor IR clean and a need to rescan. ( Sorry I can't show
enough image to show the misplaced crop):

Sample of FilmGet 1.03 IR clean.  Trust me the colors from VueScan are a much
better match to the slide.  The floor lights are red not orange and the carpet
is a shade of gray:

If Ed thinks he can still do better, I'll try to figure out how to get a small
crop of the raw file.   PS6 doesn't seem to show the IR channel and when I set
a small manual crop, enabled raw file save and pressed save after my scan it
produced the full frame raw file.

Sorry I didn't do a very good job of keeping the crop area the same, I did ti
from the full frame TIF of the scan in photoshop over a couple of days.
These will stay up for at least three weeks.



VueScan FS4000 IR Clean samples (webpage links)

Post by non » Thu, 15 May 2003 08:12:59

That is pretty good. Can I ask you which version you used for the first
jpg file?


VueScan FS4000 IR Clean samples (webpage links)

Post by wall » Thu, 15 May 2003 21:39:02

>That is pretty good. Can I ask you which version you used for the first
>jpg file?

Which one was first?  I don't remember.  I thought I explained
what versions were used in the text above each link.  Followup
with the filename and I re-iterate what version of VueScan was



1. VueScan 7.6.12 & FS4000 IR Cleaning - WORKS!

With 7.6.12 IR cleaning seems to work EXCELLENT when scanning directly
from slides/neg's to an image file.

I would have to do a more thorough analysis to determine if FilmGet is
now any better in this regard.

HOWEVER, when "scanning" a raw file I always had the "pixels to be
cleaned (as highlighted by colored pixels)" shifted in the x/y
directions from the actual defects. This carried through to the ouput
image which displayed very little/no IR cleaning.

At his request, I sent Ed Hamrick some image and log files for him to

One day later I got a response back from him ... the problem? ... Me!
I had not set "scanning mode" to the original device used (i.e.
FS4000) I had left it set to "Transparency". The user's guide clearly
states how to set this option.

I'm truly impressed with Ed's prompt responses to every email I've
sent regarding issues I've had with VueScan (most if not all regarding
IR cleaning ).

Settings Summary - Slide To Raw File

Device Tab
Media Type - Image
Bits Per Pixel - 64bit RGBI (not Auto, though that might work too?)

Files Tab
Save Raw File  - checked
Raw File Type - 64bit RGBI (not Auto, though that might work too?)

Filter Tab:
Infrared Clean - None (this is why I specified 64bit RGBI above)

Disk Raw File To TIFF

Device Tab
Scan From - Disk
Scan Mode - FS4000 (duh)

I'm going back to some of the first raw image files I scanned with
7.5.X to see if this issue has truly been resolved on the FS4000!

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