<<<<<<<NT 4.0 AND Epson ES-600C Scanner>>>>>>>>>>>>

<<<<<<<NT 4.0 AND Epson ES-600C Scanner>>>>>>>>>>>>

Post by Bill » Fri, 18 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Has anyone ever successfully gotten the ES-600C scanner to work under NT
When 4.0 boots the scanner moves, but I can't scan.  Epson says you can't
use the scanner, but who trusts Epson?  Any and all help will be

Quote:PS-Epson wrote...

 There is no way to make Windows NT recognize a parallel scanner.
   You have the option of putting a SCSI interface board in your Epson
   scanner. It is available through Epson Accessories at 800-873-7766
   or by special order at most Epson Authorized dealers in your area.



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Just to let you know I've just uploaded an update to UKAC (version

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 ftp://ftp.iup.edu/flight-sim/uploads/ (with others to follow soon)

UNFORTUNATELY, I checked my homepages just prior to posting this
message and they have not yet been refreshed with the latest info, so
you may have to call back later...  I'm sure they will be available
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Dave March

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