Expression 800 driver for MacOS X? Substitute?

Expression 800 driver for MacOS X? Substitute?

Post by Henr » Sat, 03 May 2003 05:46:02


How many months (years?) have we been waiting for an Expression 800 driver
for MacOS X?  

Some in the family are now supported.  But if I read the current Epson page
correctly, it looks like they aren't going to supply any more MacOS X
drivers for the remaining scanners.  Anyone have a different interpretation?

Does the driver for the 1600 series work for the 800?  Or some other series?
Anyone tried?




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I'm in the market for a new flat bed scanner.  Mostly I'll be using it
to scan photos, possibly slides in the future.  I've pretty much
narrowed it down to the Epson Expression line.  I'm a little confused
about the 800 vs the 636.  The 800 has an optical res. of 800dpi while
the 636 has an optical res. of 600dpi, however I've found the "artist"
bundles to go for almost the same price.  

Is there a downfall to the 800 that I'm not aware of?  Any input
regarding the Epson line, would be greatly appreciated.  As well as
any other scanners suggestions in the sub $1000 range.

Thanks for your time,


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