Problem with Xerox M940/M950 after WindowsXP Hotfix

Problem with Xerox M940/M950 after WindowsXP Hotfix

Post by Jean Paul Duma » Thu, 21 Nov 2002 12:03:06


I have been installing a couple of WindowsXP Hotfix (SP1) recentry and now
my Multi fonction Xerox M940/M950 can't load the twain driver or the scanner
software (Pagis). But I may use the scanner with Microsoft Word. The printer
is working too.


Some suggestion ?



1. Xerox WorkCentre M940 or the M950

I received a gift this Christmas but it is missing the Driver CD.
I'm looking for the original install CD that comes
with the Xerox WorkCentre M940 or the M950.
Unfortunately Xerox has stopped supporting these models and
I'm missing my driver CD. I have researched all the places I could
think of
online but it seems to be almost impossible to find the files that are
the CD online.

I have already found and downloaded the latest (Printer!) XP drivers
from Xerox website, however during the installation you get prompted
to insert the driver CD. (The driver uses the Pagis Scan software /
Quicklink & TextBridge from the Original CD) So if you do not have the
CD like me you can not complete the installation and use the scan

I would really appreciate if someone who owns either Xerox WorkCentre
M940 or M950 and is willing to make me an image or upload a copy

I'll even pay for this service.

Thank you very much.
Fari F. Miami

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