Need advice on choise of scanner

Need advice on choise of scanner

Post by Michael Plumbtre » Tue, 14 Jan 2003 00:18:26

I'm thinking of purchasing a new flatbed scanner in the near future and have
decided on either a Ben Q 5300 or  a HP4400. Any suggestions?

Need advice on choise of scanner

Post by thief#3 » Tue, 14 Jan 2003 01:55:30

My comment is:-- do you also need to scan negatives or slides? If you do,
ask about an adapter for this, how effective, what price.  Dedicated
negative scanners are not over cheap!  I have an Epson 1200 Perfection which
does excellent scans of negs of all sizes, not just 35mm, for its adapter is
both effective and reasonably priced.  In fact I bought the whole caboodle
for 150 because the dealer had it (brandnew) in a damaged box. BTW, nothing
less than A4 will suffice for ordinaryt work.   This help? Bruce +++


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    I'd like to create a "paperless office" here at home and was hoping that
you could give me some advice regarding which scanner to buy. Between
letters, bills, and financial statements, I probably receive about one
hundred pieces of paper per month and my goal would be to scan these as they
come in and throw out the paper. What kind of scanner would you recommend
for a guy like me?

    I'd also like to know what format is used to store scanned images. Do
scanners save images as JPG just like digital cameras do?

    Lastly, do scanners come with an application to manage the scanned
images? For example, let's say I scanned in my cell phone bill. I'd like to
be able to associate keywords with this image (like "phone" or "bill" or
"cell") so that I can later search for documents using these keywords. Does
this make sense? Any help would be appreciated.

If you need to reach me by email, use dsworde1 AT san DOT rr DOT com


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