umax1220s/diff scsi card dilemma

umax1220s/diff scsi card dilemma

Post by David Rothma » Wed, 13 Jan 1999 04:00:00

so whats the final resolution?

using the 'old' software, its pretty clear if u wanna use the 1220 w/a diff
scsi (my case an adaptec 2930b), u can chose the scsi card using a custom
install on the FIRST INSTALLATION ONLY os vista scan.

u might be able to respecify on a re-installation if u do a very complete
uninstall along w/deleting some keys in your device manager, but it very
random and usually doesnt work.

i upgraded to the newer software (both online and they fedexed me a new cd)
and still cant reinstall the vistascan stuff.

tech help is no help.

has anyone resolved this problem????  i can see from other posts that it is
a universal problem, but other than conjecture, i havent seen a real soln
other than in returning the printer.  thanks,,,dave