SN#9849 Assemble-to-order Options for Sun Blade[TM] 150 Workstations Repriced

SN#9849 Assemble-to-order Options for Sun Blade[TM] 150 Workstations Repriced

Post by John J. McLaughli » Wed, 02 Jul 2003 22:59:53

Vol 64 Issue 4 2003-06-23  Article 9849 from section "Workstations"

     Custom Configurations without the Premium Price

        Customers who need a customized system configuration can take advantage
        of Sun's repricing of the Sun Blade[TM] 150 workstation XATO (External
        Assemble to Order) program options. The repricing is to remove the
        current price premium to order customized systems.

        Build your own configuration, without being charged a premium. The
        configurations support the Sun[TM] XVR-500 graphics accelerator (up to 2
        boards), Sun[TM] XVR-100 graphics accelerator (up to 3 boards) and
        Sun[TM] PGX64 hardware (up to 3 boards).

        The options customers can choose from are:

           - The customer will have to start with the XATO base (Motherboard+

           - 550 MHz or 650 MHz

           - Memory : 128 MB DIMM, 256 MB DIMM, 512 MB DIMM (up to 2 GB memory
             can be integrated)

           - Up to two 40 GB internal EIDE disk drives

           - 48X CDRom or 16X DVDROM

           - Graphics Cards: Sun PGX64 hardware, Sun XVR-100 graphics
             accelerator or Sun XVR-500 graphics accelerator

           - SunPCi[TM] IIPro or SunPCi[TM] III Coprocessor Card

        The Solaris[TM] 8 Operating System (Solaris OS) Release 02/02 or later
        is supported. All OpenGL[TM] and Java 3D[TM] API compatible applications
        are supported as well as StarOffice[TM] 6.0 software.

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