FS: or For Swap: Forte Developer Tool

FS: or For Swap: Forte Developer Tool

Post by Matthew Gardine » Fri, 26 Apr 2002 15:16:34

I would like to sell a brand new, unregistered copy of Forte Fortran DT
Ed/SPARC which supports all the latest stuff on (I rang up SUN today to
double check):


so not only do you get Fortran, but also C++ and C support as well (wow!).

Normal price: $3,495.00 US, Yikes!

My Price: $2,000 US, saving YOU $1495 US.

I'll Also throw in a free copy of C++ for Intel as well, and again, brand
new and unregistered.

If you are interested and wouldn't mind swapping a SUN Machine, something like an SUN Ultra 1 w/ Screen and P&P, for these tools, I
would accept the offer.

Matthew Gardiner