$1650 Ultra 60 duo 450MHz 1GB RAM/2x9GB Hard Drive

$1650 Ultra 60 duo 450MHz 1GB RAM/2x9GB Hard Drive

Post by Alex Rishe » Sat, 05 Jul 2003 20:12:42

$1,650.00 US $2,200.00 CDN
Ultra 60 Sun P/N 600-6490-01
Two 450 MHz processor Sun P/N 501-5539)
1024 GB memory (eight 128 MB modules Sun P/N 501-3136)
Creator Graphics elite 3D-m6 Sun P/N 540-3902 REV 5.0
Two 9 GB Hard Drive
SCSI port 68 pin
CDROM drive
Keyboard (Type 6) and mouse (Crossbow)

Sun GDM-5410 21 inch flat monitor
Manufactured 2000
$300.00 4 available
Sun GDM-5010PT 21 inch flat monitor
Manufactured July 1999
$300.00 1 available

90 Day Warranty
MasterCard or VISA accepted.

The price includes delivery if you are in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and
surrounding municipalities.

I am in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (northern part of Etobicoke).

If you wish more information, you will get a faster response if you
email me at:

or give me a phone call at 416-744-6323 and leave a message (takes 7 to
8 rings).

Alex Rishea
Andromeda Computer Systems
Voice (416) 744-6323
FAX (416) 744-3343


1. ==>FS:Sparc Center 2000E, 4x85, 1GB Ram, 2x9gb

Sparc Center 2000E
4x85Mhz Cpu
2xCPU Boards
1GB Ram
2x9GB Drives
Wide SCSI Card
10/100Mb Ethernet/Fast SCSI...7500.00

This system is complete,
Warrantied for 1 year,
and ready to roll....literally.


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