FS/Trade/WTB: TAAC, SMD controller, SMD drive, Memory

FS/Trade/WTB: TAAC, SMD controller, SMD drive, Memory

Post by John M Hugh » Mon, 13 Feb 1995 13:19:55

FS or Trade:

        TAAC App. Accel. PN 501-1447-00, w/ 1/4" tapes and docs
        Xylogics 451 SMD controller, with VME adapt., PN 501-1166-05
        Fujitsu M2333 SMD hard drive, with mounting bracket, w/ tech. doc

Above items currently residing in 4/260. Outboard drive cabinet also
available (it's heavy). All items also include relevant field engineer
tech. info, and the Fujitsu doc is the original OEM design manual.


        32MB RAM card, PN 501-1254
        Systech MTI-800, ALM-2, with VME adapt., PN 501-1157

I'll gladly trade the FS items for the Wanted items, straight across. The
shipping can be negotiated.

Anyone interested?

I'm also interested in dead/unwanted 4/(whatever) cards, memory and video
in particular.




1. Want Sun 3/260 CPU and/or MEMORY and/or 7053 SMD disk controller

     I'm looking for a Sun 3/260 CPU card plus 32 megs of memory.  Would prefer
high density memory cards but will settle for 8-megger's if the price is right.

     Also looking for 7053 SMD disk controller, large SMD drives (only if you
are local to the Seattle area on the drives), SCSI controller, color frame

     I've got a 3/180 that I want to upgrade to a 3/280 so just need the cards.

     You have some you want to sell?  Make me an offer I can't refuse!

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