looking for old SMD drives

looking for old SMD drives

Post by Benjamin Cli » Tue, 08 Sep 1992 09:33:43

Now that I've got a decent collection of Suns at home, I could use some disk
space for the things. Anyone have some old SMD disks they are just dying to
get rid of and free up some precious space? I would, of course, prefer free
drives, but I'll consider any reasonable offers


                            Benjamin Cline      


1. Looking for address or phone number for CDC (Need SMD Drive info)

Greetings all...I am in search of a address or a phone number for CDC
(or whoever bought their SMD drive group).  I am needing it to see if
I can get a more readable copy of the defect list for a 515MB SMD
drive I have on a Sun 3/160 (I want to go SCSI, but with my wife and I
expecting, I am saving money right now).  If anyone happens to have
information which could point me in the right direction, I would
appreciate it.

too busy this week to read news before it expires!

- doug
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