FS: E450 with: 4 x 480mhz, 4gb memory, 4 x 36gb MORE... $8995.00 Best Offer

FS: E450 with: 4 x 480mhz, 4gb memory, 4 x 36gb MORE... $8995.00 Best Offer

Post by Bob Rudebu » Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:09:09

We have a SUN E450 server available for sale.  This unit was recently
deinstalled and comes with a warranty and is guaranteed eligible for

Here are the specifics of the system:

-4 x 480mhz Ultra SPARCII processors
-4gb memory
-4 x 36gb hot pluggable disks
-DVD ROM drive
-floppy drive
-NIC card
-redundant power supply
-keyboard & mouse

$8995.00 Best Offer

System has been completely gone thru and refurbished inside & out.


1. Loaded E450: Best offer takes it.

Sun E450
4x400 mhz Ultra Sparc II (4 megs cache)
2-2.5 gigs of ram (I need to test the RAM)- 4x256, 8x128 or 12x128
180 gigs hard drive 10x18.2 (Combination of Fujitsu and Seagate drives)
3 power supplies (each 605 watts?)
1 Zynx 4 port fast ethernet card
2 additional Sun Scsi dual channel cards
2 additional 1 port Sun fast ethernet card
Raptor GFX
Comes with wheels!
Solaris 8 installed if you want.
Documentation if I can find it.
Hardly used

All parts are Sun barcoded and eligibile for Sun Maintenance except for
Raptor GFX and Zynx ethernet. Minor scratches on top of box due to
stacking. Unit still under Sun Microsystems 3 year warranty.

Best Offer

i'm in the SF Bay Area. Definitely prefer local pickup.

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