FA: Sun Sparc 4 system w/110Mhz CPU, 64MB RAM, 1.05gb drive, Keyboard & mouse

1. FS: Sun SparcStation 4 w/110Mhz CPU, 64MB RAM, 1.05GB hard drive


This is a Sun Sparcstation 4 workstation with a 110Mhz CPU, a Conner
CFP1080E 1.05gb hard drive, 64MB RAM (two 32MB DIMMS), a type 5c
keyboard & an optical mouse (no pad).  The Workstation has ROM version
2.24 installed and SunOS version 5.7 (Unix system V release 4.0).  It
boots but needs some serious re-configuring because much of the (if not
all) resources it was connected to no longer exist, and it relays
heavily on the network it was connected to.  I don't know what the
workstation has on the hard drive, but I didn't want to wipe the drive
clean since I won't be able to reinstall the OS.

The workstation is in excellent condition, it's clean and functions
perfectly.  The keyboard is clean, but it's missing one key (Alt Graph -
by the curser keys), and the mouse does not include the mouse pad.

I'm asking for $250 + S&H for this system, I can provide pictures upon
request.  If you have any questions please send email to the address
below, don't forget to remove the anti spam part before replying.  


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