SparcBook 1 - $695

SparcBook 1 - $695

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SparcBook 1 by Tadpole Technologies
2 internal HD's
Needs OS reinstalled
Otherwise in perfect condition
Price: $695 (Firm)


1. 4.3G Drives for Sun @ $695

We only have 10 pieces left of some brand new Quantum Atlas XP34300R drives.
We just want $695 and they're factory sealed, new and have a 1 year warranty
from us! Quantum is guaranteeing them for 5 years themselves!

These aren't just a regular cheap 4G SCSI drive either, (as if any of them were
cheap) but a name brand top tier performer. If you're interested in the specs:

Form Factor - 3.5 inch wide
Height - 1.6 inches
Formatted Capacity - 4.3 Gigabytes
Rotational Speed - 7,200 RPM
Average Seek Time - 8.5 milliseconds
Mean Time Before Failure - 800,000 hours

These drives have the 80 pin SCA SCSI-III connector which many Unix engineering
workstations such as Sun's use. This type of connection allows "hot plugging".
In other words, if you had a Sun Internet server and you wanted to swap a drive,
you wouldn't have to turn the system off to do so. If you already have a
controller that supports this you can really scream.

If you have a SCSI-II 50 pin connector or a 68 pin wide connector on your
controller, no problem. You can easily obtain 80 pin SCA to 50/68 pin SCSI
adapters from Corporate Systems Center for a pretty low price of $39. These will
allow you to use these drives as either narrow SCSI-II (50-pin) or SCSI-II wide
(68-pin)! You now have a choice! If you have a 50 pin controller now, but on
plan on upgrading to a higher performance controller later, you'll be able
to get the wide performance out of your drive then too.

Coorporate Systems Center can be reached at (408)743-8720 or at:

If you want to access Quantum's pages and see more about this drive, you can
reach them at:

We can ship these drives immediately and can accept Mastercard, Visa, or COD.
Our toll free number is (888)207-ROCK or (310)981-5307. You can also fax us at

Have any more questions or want to place an order? Ask for me, Rudy Hartmann.


Rock Technology Marketing
3671 Industry Avenue Unit C-1
Lakewood, California 90712
Tel (310)981-5307 Wats (888)207-ROCK Fax (310)981-5311


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