SN#10161 Sun Blade[TM] 150 Workstation Details

SN#10161 Sun Blade[TM] 150 Workstation Details

Post by John J. McLaughli » Wed, 02 Jul 2003 22:59:42

Vol 64 Issue 4 2003-06-23  Article 10161 from section "Workstations"

     64-bit CPU, Large Memory Capacity, High Performance Graphics

        The entry-level Sun Blade[TM] 150 workstation is designed to offer a
        64-bit UNIX[R] workstation for the price of a 32-bit PC brand. It
        includes workstation-class features such as a powerful CPU, large memory
        capacity, high-performance graphics that support multiple displays and
        highly integrated I/O connections.

        The Sun Blade[TM] 150 workstation offers a powerful alternative to users
        who require demanding scientific or engineering applications, in markets
        such as software development, 2-D content creation, EDA, finance,
        research/development, telecommunications, embedded systems and

        The enabling technologies for the workstation include:

           - UltraSPARC[R] IIi Processor: A highly integrated, 64-bit SPARC[R]
             V9 superscalar processor. The UltraSPARC IIi processor provides a
             higher clock frequency, multiple SRAM modes and system-to-processor
             clock ratios that accommodate varying economics for a range of

           - Sun[TM] XVR-500 Graphics Accelerator: Provides performance, quality
             and value, with strong geometry and texture mapping performance,
             dedicated frame buffer memory support and a wide range of
             resolution and multi-display options.

           - I/O Interfaces: Two advanced I/O interfaces, which greatly increase
             customers' access to peripherals.

           - USB Interface: USB support is provided for low-speed devices.
             Devices such as the Sun Type-6 keyboard and mouse are supported
             along with USB hubs. Also has four (Type A) USB connectors on the
             rear panel.

           - IEEE 1394 Interface: Known in the industry as FireWire, it has
             emerged as a standard for medium-speed devices such as digital
             cameras and digital video cameras.

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1. SN#8833 Factory Configurable Sun Blade[TM] 150 Workstation now Available

Vol 60 Issue 1 2003-02-03  Article 8833 from section "Workstations"

     The Sun[SM] Customer Ready Systems (CRS) program now offers the Sun
     Blade[TM] 150 workstation in a factory configured version that includes
     Customer Provided Software. Users can now specify options involving memory,
     drives, video and other I/O options as well, which will make solution
     deployment faster, safer and easier. Early-life system issues, for example,
     have been cut by up to 80 percent. The offering also includes factory
     integration of the Sun[TM] LX50 server and the Sun Blade 150 workstation.

     The targeted audience for this factory configurable version of the Sun
     Blade 150 workstation includes the following:

     - Developers who require an UltraSPARC[R] processor native Solaris[TM] 8
       Operating Environment (Solaris OE) (pre-installed) or Solaris 9 OE
       development environment that is 100 percent binary compatible with
       earlier versions of the Solaris OE

     - Users of a totally non-Microsoft business desktop that supports the power
       of Solaris 9 OE and GNOME 2.0 and StarOffice[TM] 6.0 Office Suite

     - Universities and other higher education markets that require the Solaris
       OE and 64-bit capabilities for demanding applications subject to the
       imperative of low cost

     - Financial Services that require an environment supporting multiple
       displays that is low cost, stable and secure

     - Entry 3-D markets, including MCAD/MCAE, for which the Sun Blade 150
       workstation with the Sun[TM] XVR-500 graphics accelerator offers advanced
       3-D graphics performance and texture mapping capabilities affordable by
       the price sensitive segments of traditional 3-D workstation markets

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