Sun Stuff FS

Sun Stuff FS

Post by Matthew Richmo » Tue, 12 Dec 1995 04:00:00

This hobby is way too expensive for me...Here is everything I own:

1 Sun/Zenith 17" Grayscale Monitor w/Cable   $100.-
1 Sun 3/80 case/ps/motherboard (dead NVRAM)  $100.-
1 Quantum PRO105S 105mb SCSI HDD    $50.-
1 ExaByte 8200 2.2gb 8mm Tape Drive  $300.-
20 1mb 30pin 70ns 9chip SIMMS    $320.-
1 Sun3 Shoebox w/60mb Archive Tape Drive  $50.-
1 Sun MG4 mono framebuffer for the P4 bus  $30.-
$850.- Takes everything...Buyer pays shipping on COD...

FreeBSD and NetBSD are like cigarrettes...They taste the same, it is
simply an issue of which package you think is prettier...Linux however,
is about as stable as a drunken crack junkie on a pogo stick...

                 -Matthew Richmond


1. Sun Stuff FS

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Subject: Sun Stuff  FS

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Send me an offer on anything you see. Questions are welcome.Shipping will
cost extra,Sorry no COD's.

SM100 Sparc Module
Sun 386i Sun Frame Buffer
OpenWIndows Ver.2 CD
Sun Graphics System Software 4.1-GFX REvision 1 CD
Open Windows ver.2 END users Manuals
1.0.1 DOS Windows 1/4" Tape
SparcStation IPX Supplement CD +1/4" Tape
6.0.1 Sunlink TE100 1/4" Tape
SunOS 4.0.3 Sparc   2  1/4" tapes
open windows ver.2- sun 4- sunbin  1/4 " tape
pcnfs user manuals ver 3.5
sun 386i owners set index
desk top sparc 4.1 sun-4c,sunbin 2  1/4" tapes
1.0 Dos Windows 1/4" tape
Desktops Sparc
4.0.3 GFX Ver 2-Sunbin 1/4" tape
1.0 Newsprint Tape +manuals
Sun Reference Manuals
Desktop Sparc Deskset Reference Guide
PC Lifline-51 ver 1.0
SparcWorks 2.0 License and installation kit
SUnOS 4.0.3 Upgrade Domestic 68020 2  1/4" tapes



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