FS: E250

FS: E250

Post by Sun11 » Fri, 16 Aug 2002 05:24:12

    Following for sell;

    E250 System w/
    2x  400MHZ CPU
    4x  X7004A (1 Gig memory)
    1x  18Gig Drive
    PGX 32
    Single power Supply.   **Used in Box**

    90 Days Warranty.
    Asking  $2,750  

    Sunix Systems Inc.
    408)278-1932 Fax


1. FS E250 & E3000 Enterprise Servers in the UK

Rapid Technology have the following available

1 Sun Ultra 5, 333MHZ,256MB Ram, 9GB Disk, PGX graphics, CD Rom, Keyboard &
Mouse 300.00 each,

2 Sun E250, 1 x 300MHZ Cpu,512MB Ram, 1 x 9GB Disk, CD Rom, 700.00 each,

1 Sun E3000, POA,

I can offer upgrades for the above, POA,

All prices ex delivery & VAT,

Kind regards

Andrew Mitchell

Rapid Technology Partners (UK) Limited
Tel  +44 (0) 116 272 9700
Fax +44 (0) 116 272 9710

visit our website www.rapidtechnology.co.uk

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