SN Vol 35 #1 3040 First Jiro Enabled Certified Products

SN Vol 35 #1 3040 First Jiro Enabled Certified Products

Post by John J. McLaughl » Tue, 09 Jan 2001 05:09:00

3040 First Jiro Enabled Certified Products

     Available for research and development, the following
     companies have Jiro-enabled certified products with
     FederatedBeans Management Facades (MFs):

     Sun Microsystems

             Available in both binary and source form:
                - Sun StorEdge T3 Array MF
                - Sun StorEdge A5200 Array MF
                - Sun StorEdge Instant Image Software MF

     VERITAS Software Corporation

             Available in binary form:
                - VERITAS Volume Manager MF
                - VERITAS File System MF
                - VERITAS NetBackup MF

     Crossroads Systems

             Available in binary form:

                - Crossroads CONXSAN 4X50 Local Router MF

     Using the binary package, one can deploy the Management
     Facades into a running Jiro technology domain for management
     of Sun's Jiro-enabled products. As a Jiro technology service,
     the binary includes an API that other intelligent software can
     access in order to automate and simplify the network
     management of Jiro technology enabled products.

     Sun offers the source code for its MFs in order to facilitate
     the creation of Jiro technology enabled products
     industry-wide. Any developer, partner, or vendor is welcome to
     use the source as example code that may be copied into MFs for
     their own products, provided the copyright notice is retained.
     Sun licenses these MFs royalty free for use in your own
     product or for direct end user use as is.

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