FS: E250's

FS: E250's

Post by Chris Patterso » Fri, 22 Jun 2001 07:42:12

E250 Systems:

Chassis, Power upply, Motherboard, 300MHz Processor,
256MB Memory, 9GB Disk, 32X CD-Rom, All Cables.

Net 30 Price......$ 4,405.
Prepaid Price...... 4,185.

6-Month warranty on all parts & labor.


Minicomputer Exchange, Inc.     http://www.mce.com/    
610 North Pastoria Avenue       Sunnyvale, CA  94086            
Tel: 408-733-4400               Fax: 408-733-8009


1. FS: E450's, E250's under warranty

For immediate sale, all parts Sun barcoded:

1 Ultra E450 (4x400MHz, 2GB RAM, 4x18GB disks)
1 Ultra E450 (2x250MHz, 1GB RAM, 4x18GB disks)
2 Ultra E250's (2x400MHz, 1GB RAM, 2x18GB disks)

All but the second E450 were under platinum maintenance until earlier
this year and are still covered by the 3-year factory warranty.  Additional
Sun RAM and disks are available in quantity.

Pricing depends on how much you want, but it will be more than 50% off of
Sun list at a minimum.  Quick sales will be given the best rates!  Let me
know which parts you're looking for and your timeframe.

Systems are currently located in northern California, palleting and
shipping by any major carrier is possible.



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