FS: Sun Sparc processor module SM41

FS: Sun Sparc processor module SM41

Post by Matthew Bak » Mon, 20 Mar 1995 20:28:26


I have forsale to the best offer a Sun Sparc 10 or 4/690 MBUS processor
module, SM41.

The sun part number is 501-2270.  This is the one with a onboard 1MB cache.
Suitable for either upgrading an existing machine, or adding as a second

Please email for more information.
I have no use for this module, so it goes to the best offer.
Or will consider swapping for other Sun hardware.

matt baker

South Australia


1. FS: SM41 processor module for Sun Sparc 10 [Adelaide]

I have forsale a Sun Sparc 10 MBUS processor module.
This is a SM41 unit (sun part number 501-2270), which operates at
40Mhz and has the onboard 1 mb cache.

The unit is fully operational, and was removed to make way for a faster
module.   It would be perfect for someone who would like to add an extra
processor to their sparc 10 or 4/690 system.

Available to the best offer over AUD$1000.

More details available on request.


Matthew Baker.
matt baker

Adelaide, South Australia.

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